Nurturing great ideas, investing in growth, and realizing their full potential
Orthogonal Global Group, Inc. grants access to industries that have been historically challenging to enter for the average investor.
Utopian Asset Class
We believe in something that ultimately is described as Utopian. A frequency that most won’t understand. Tapping into quantum physics and the idea of perpetual new frequencies within the interactions you have in your daily life. What we see, touch, feel and experience will determine the empowerment in your everyday life.
Driving innovation: pioneering futures in wellness, tech, and beyond

30+ years of industry experience​

100+ angel investments​

A selection from our portfolio includes:
Unstoppable DomainsNovobeingContango DigitalDynasty StudiosPrint CryptoRenegadePunkScapes
Axiom SpaceSolTiDouble Jump TokyoTalkableRepublic.comWefunder1inchLiquid DeathOdyssey ElixirHyperledger's FireflyAirBnBSurya WellnessRealCrowdBettermentAnimoca BrandsK2 Space
The Right Idea
Exposure to cutting-edge and groundbreaking industries.
The Right Team
Track Record: Two decades of experience investing in these industries.
The Right Time
Timing is now to get in early in the convergence of AI, health, wellness, and digital ownership.

Reaffirming our identity in Dubai

Orthogonal Global Group, reimagined amid the vibrant landscape of Dubai, has woven its identity amidst the kaleidoscope of opportunities that the bustling hub offers. From the very heart of the global metropolis, our company has been shaped by the convergence of cultures, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Dubai, renowned as the mecca of opportunity in digital asset ownership, AI and other cutting-edge industries, serves as our crucible for growth, fostering a dynamic spirit that embraces diversity, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement. It's within this energetic ecosystem that Orthogonal has flourished, drawing inspiration from the city's ambition, openness, and pioneering ethos, as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the Orthogonal revolution. We seek to replicate our success on a global level.

“Go to the community and the locations that have set a sparkle in your psyche. That’s how you find your tribe”

Karl Wiggins

INVESTING is a form of believing. It’s insight, understanding, experience, and belief that what we do and what we accomplish makes a difference. Investing not just our money, but ourselves as an extension of our value system. We believe in the future, in clean air, and in sustainable forms of energy to power our world, superfoods to make us healthier, and products to extend life and cure disease.

MY NAME IS DAVID NIKZAD. I’m a serial entrepreneur and investor, and I’ve dedicated my career to these ideals. I want to extend this vision globally so that together, we can increase the power of our collective consciousness to drive these beliefs forward. Orthogonal is a group of people committed to investing broadly across a range of companies from inspired start-ups to later-stage, growing firms. Together, we support adveancements in technology, healthcare, longevity, and other universally positive initiatives.

THE STRATEGY IS SIMPLE. We are a global accelerator and platform, powering investment in technology, wellness, healthcare, AI, digital ownership, deep tech and fintech for a new utopian asset class. We intend to change the world for the healthier, accelerate disruption where it is needed, and seek equitable returns on the journey.

Orthogonal is the scientific principle of right angles. For us, it embodies the idea of progression via new and unexpected means. What begins here, naturally connects there. Based on the universal and exponential power of tangential energy, Orthogonal is an investment strategy which achieves success by riding tangents of possibility through an environment of diverse, seasoned, and unique individuals.

We employ an entirely new paradigm in opportunity assessment apart from the traditional investment company. Each of our investments is carefully assessed not only for its potential financial return but also for the positive impact it can create for both people and the planet. Whether leveraging next-generation technologies or ancient practices reimagined for current-day applications, every investment must measure up. Way up.

A Utopian Asset Class

Orthogonal Global Group seeks to further a Utopian Asset Class, or “UAC”, which aims to encompass an idealized form of investment vehicle. A UAC will extend beyond traditional financial classifications, solidifying Orthogonal Global Group as a disrupter amongst its peers.

The tokenization of RWAs and industries is bending the arc of humanity towards a utopian society. Therefore, we intend to invest in products, solutions, and services that make the world a better place/bring the world closer to being a utopia.

Sector Coverage

  • Renewable Energy
  • Consumer Social
  • Blockchain
  • Metaverse
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Fintech
  • Biotech
  • Space
  • SaaS
  • CPG
  • AI
  • UAC characteristics

  • Decentralization
    Operating without a central authority's control
  • Transparency
    Allowing participants to verify transactions
  • Accessibility
    Allowing for global participation
  • Innovation
    Increased flexibility in executing financial agreements
  • Tokenization
    Making assets more liquid and divisible
  • Privacy
    Through decentralized data management solutions

Orthogonal Black

Our quantum revolution: uniting spirituality and science

We promote mindful living, personal responsibility, and genuine connections. Our AI health app will combine conventional health metrics with holistic well-being, while our diverse community explores consciousness, technology, and wellness. We offer exclusive workshops, immersive experiences, and access to lead healthcare professionals. Join us to unlock knowledge, elevate consciousness, and embrace holistic health in a world where science and spirituality unite.

"Orthogonal Black" is destined to elevate consciousness in the realm of quantum physics and chemistry & AI. We aim to harness the potential of advanced sciences to transcend the limitations imposed by conventional thinking. In this context, "Orthogonal Black" represents a radical shift in perspective, embracing the 'magic' of the universe and the untapped power of consciousness.

The true potential of human consciousness and advanced sciences like quantum physics is not fully realized or appreciated. Our mission is to counter this trend by promoting a deeper understanding and application of these fields, potentially leading to transformative changes in how we perceive and interact with the world.

It's a concept that blends the mystical with the scientific, suggesting ​ a future where our understanding of the universe and our place in it is profoundly deepened through a synergy of advanced scientific​ knowledge and a more expansive, enlightened state of consciousness.​

Coming 2024

Strategic investment selection funnel (SISF)

  • Verified opportunities sourced from institutional partners
  • Fundamental Research: Intellectual property, management team and product-market fit
  • Core Allocation Decision: passive, active or venture capital
  • Top-down market analysis and regulatory review
  • Investment and asset management

What makes us different?

  • Our Strategic Investment Selection Funnel (SISF) evaluates investments, leveraging diverse approaches from cutting-edge technologies to reimagined ancient practices.
  • The founder’s and management's deep commitment fuels Orthogonal's foundation and growth potential, aligning with investor interests.
  • We invest exclusively in industries we comprehend, yet remain humble, leveraging global relationships and curiosity to gain sector-specific expertise.
  • Upholding our values, we foster synergy by integrating portfolio companies into our ecosystem, providing support through connections and resources.
  • Our ecosystem - supporters, investors, partners, and team - collaboratively cultivates success, sharing both achievements and setbacks.
  • An investment in Orthogonal safeguards capital through rigorous due diligence, honouring the privilege of stewarding investors' funds.
  • Led by experienced leadership and supported by a diverse advisory board, our track record encompasses successful exits and broad industry expertise.
The industry is RED HOT

Rapid growth


10-year market CAGR forecast (Fortune Business Insights)

Institutional support


Capital invested (2021 to 2023) (Galaxy)

DApps gain popularity

396% Y/O/Y

users of decentralized applications (Pontem)

Business fall in love


of enterprises use blockchain in some capacity (CoinTelegraph)

“(Crypto) is really the only truly free market that is left – there is no government interference, there’s no intervention, no one gets bailed out, it’s unbelievably pure in that way.”

Dan Tapiero, Founder and Managing Partner, 10T Holdings

"As we navigate these complex landscapes, Orthogonal remains dedicated to realizing the vast potential of a digital ecosystem and ensuring that our initiatives contribute positively to society and the environment. Innovation should align with ethical responsibility. By championing sustainability and social good within our technological advancements, we aim to create solutions that revolutionize how we handle assets, uplift communities, and preserve our planet.

Our focus extends beyond financial metrics; it encompasses a vision where technological evolution intertwines with ethical considerations. By adhering to stringent sustainability practices, promoting inclusivity, and supporting initiatives that benefit society, we seek to lead the charge toward a future where the transformative power of blockchain and crypto aligns harmoniously with the greater good."

David Nikzad, CEO & Co-Founder of Orthogonal Global Group

"Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. Their goals differed, but they all had this in common: that the step was first, the road new, the vision unborrowed, and the response they received--hatred. The great creators--the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors--stood alone against the men of their time. Every great new thought was opposed. Every great new invention was denounced. The first motor was considered foolish. The first airplane was considered impossible. The power loom was considered vicious. Anesthesia was considered sinful. But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered and they paid. But they won."

Howard Roark, The Fountainhead

Star Players


David Nikzad

CEO, Co-Founder and Director

David Nikzad is an experienced investor and serial entrepreneur, and has invested in and advised start-up and emerging companies in cutting-edge industries such as blockchain, wellness/health, deeptech, fintech and gaming over the last twenty years.

Mr. Nikzad has been an advisor to early-stage companies in Silicon Valley and has led the development of new and existing companies, built teams and guided operations.

Mr. Nikzad was also an investor in Betterment and is an investor in several other Y Combinator companies and co-founder of Orthogonal Thinker, Inc., a venture capital firm.

JasonDavid and JasonJason

Jason Hobson

COO, Co-Founder and Director

Jason A. Hobson is an experienced investor and attorney and has invested in start-up and emerging companies in cutting-edge industries over the last 20 years as a co-founder of Orthogonal Thinker, Inc. and its affiliated entities. He was previously an officer and in-house counsel for a national equity syndication firm which syndicated limited partnership interests and was also previously a senior attorney with the Century City and San Francisco offices of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, where he was a member of Corporate and Securities Practice Group. He is a graduate of the University of California Law (SF), UCLA Anderson School of Management (Management Development for Entrepreneurs Certificate Program), Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) and California State University.

Shidan Gouran

Orthogonal Global Group Board Director

Shidan is the founder of Gulf Pearl, a Canadian merchant bank focused on financing both public and private companies in the information, communications and media sectors and one of the earliest investors in the blockchain sector. He is also the Chairman of Bluesphere Ventures, a pioneering incubator dedicated to driving positive environmental change through innovative projects and sustainable solutions. He founded a number of pioneering technology ventures in the telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. Today, he focuses his efforts on bringing his wealth of knowledge to further companies in the web3.0 sector.

Mona Coyle

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Mona is a registered nurse with over a decade of experience in ICU and clinical operations, is a seasoned healthcare professional, and has a rich background spanning 20 years in management and entrepreneurship. Her dynamic leadership style, coupled with clinical expertise, uniquely positions her as a driving force in healthcare innovation. Mona's commitment to fostering positive change in the industry reflects her passion for combining medical excellence with entrepreneurial spirit.

Walid Benothman

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Walid is an experienced leader in the digital finance industry, and is renowned for his 'out-of-the-box' thinking and innovative approach. Formerly Head of BD and Institutional Sales at 1inch, Walid played key roles in groundbreaking blockchain startups. Notably, he joined Curv in 2020, leading Growth and Strategy Operations for the EMEA market, instrumental in positioning Dubai as a pivotal hub. His strategic direction facilitated Curv's acquisition by PayPal, marking a milestone in digital payment processes and signaling the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies. From 2016 to 2020, Walid served as Head of EMEA Sales for Ripple, driving pivotal initiatives in institutional sales, partnerships, and go-to-market strategies, which significantly contributed to XRP's ecosystem and utility. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Advisory Board Member at HayvnGlobal, offering expert insights into OTC and custodians.

Kevin Soltani

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Kevin is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the alternative investments industry and a passionate and visionary leader. As the founder and CEO of GIMA Group, Inc., he steers the company into a global advisory, consulting, and investing powerhouse specializing in blockchain, proptech, gaming/esports, and the metaverse; four prior exits and one IPO in the company’s history. With a robust background in international business and finance, Kevin possesses a profound interest in innovation and emerging technologies. His driving force lies in the mission of creating value and catalyzing positive change worldwide through digital assets and pioneering experiences. Throughout his career, Kevin actively engaged in raising funds, fostering strategic partnerships, capitalizing on startup potential, and broadening market horizons. Proficient in guiding companies toward their growth stages, adept at business metrics, skilled in social networking strategies, and a competent manager of executive teams, he thrives on collaborating with agile, web3.0 centric, and innovative teams worldwide.

James Henning

Orthogonal Global Group CFO

Mr. Henning is a chartered accountant and founded Corpfinance Advisors Inc., of which he has been president since 1984. Mr. Henning has expertise & practical experience in valuating businesses and has assisted companies in financing, public offerings and restructuring. Mr. Henning has served as a CFO and director for a number of TSX-V and CSE-listed companies over the past several years.

Dr. Jack Rentz, MD

Orthogonal Global Group Board Director

As a consultant and instructor, Dr. Rentz travels the country lecturing and teaching labs to fellow doctors for medical device companies. With a comprehensive knowledge of technology as well as medicine, Dr. Rentz partners with emerging companies as an angel investor and consultant.

Mike Grantis

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Mike Grantis is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Contango Digital Assets, a Canadian venture capital firm on a mission to accelerate the adoption of decentralized systems. Mike previously founded CryptoWeekly, a multi-channel media platform that was acquired by 1DotMedia.

Brian Johnson

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

As the Senior Director and Head of Crypto at Republic Capital, Brian orchestrates operational processes and systems for investors and portfolios, shaping the landscape of digital assets. His track record includes spearheading investments in pioneering entities like Dapper, DODO, 1inch, and Acala, showcasing his keen eye for emerging opportunities.

Anthony Tijero

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Anthony Tijero is a seasoned investment professional and Managing Partner at Magmetis Ventures, a premier investment management firm specializing in procognitive, psychedelic-inspired assets within the public markets. With a career spanning over a decade, Anthony has built a reputation for producing exceptional returns for investors through unique insights and strategic partnerships.

Billy Huang

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Billy Huang is a pioneering force as the co-founder of Insomnia Labs, an innovative Ad-Tech enterprise revolutionizing brand and creator campaigns for long-term success through expert guidance and cutting-edge tools. With a career journey that includes prestigious roles at companies like WeWork, Billy delves into his professional trajectory, from corporate landscapes to his immersion in the realm of Web3.

Phillip Lord

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Phillip Lord brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the web3.0 space. His extensive background as President at Oobit and an investment banker, serial blockchain investor, and former non-executive director at Luna PR equipped him adeptly for steering strategic partnerships, spearheading business development, and executing powerful marketing strategies.

Yu-Kai Chou

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Yu-Kai Chao has been a regular keynote speaker lecturer on Gamification at organizations like TEDx Lausanne, Stanford University, Harvard University, Google, Tesla, Lego, Huawei, Uber, and Boston Consulting Group, among others. Chou is the creator of the Octalysis Framework and the Founder/CEO of the consultancy The Octalysis Group and the mentorship education platform Octalysis Prime.

Sebastien Badault

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Sebastian previously served as Managing Director for France, Belgium and Luxembourg at Alibaba, building the company’s Luxury Pavilion, which has become China’s largest online luxury platform. Prior to joining Alibaba, Badault was one of the first employees for both Google France and Amazon France, driving sales and marketing teams to build local market share and enhance the online ecosystem for both organizations.​

Alyssa Barry

Orthogonal Global Group Advisor

Alyssa has over 15-years of investor relations, capital markets and corporate communications experience. An activist by nature, she has raised over $1 billion of capital, led some of Canada’s most successful activism campaigns, managed M&A transactions and enhanced board governance.

Join us

Investing with us means embracing a philosophy centered on self-awareness, authenticity, and personal growth. We view life's interactions as 'deposits' and 'debits,' recognizing the profound interconnectedness of our choices and their impact on our well-being. In a world that often prioritizes speed, we stand for mindfulness, authenticity, and the cultivation of deeper connections. We envision a better world where genuine connections and conscious living take precedence. As Thich Nhat Hanh beautifully put it, "Every day we are engaged in a miracle we don't even recognize." We believe in tapping into this power for good business.

Join our community to access our finely tuned intuition and curiosity. Let's make both good money and good karma together, redefining investment with a new paradigm where good meets good, and together, we make great things happen.

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